Case Study: Interior Design Course

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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*Image by Festoon House Lighting

Anita Sothern, Interior Design student

I’ve always been interested in interior design and I loved art in school. However, for some bizarre reason I studied law in college and became a solicitor. I spend my entire day using the left side of my brain so I thought it would be nice to use the right side for a change.

The course lasted for 10 weeks and cost 12. 00 per class ( 120. 00 payable upfront). The course ran on a Monday or Tuesday evening from 18. 00 to 21. 00. Everyone on the course was lovely. There was a continuation course for a further 10 weeks which would give friendships the chance to develop and meeting people with a common interest to mine was definitely a benefit.

I’ve just moved into a new house so I m really looking forward to putting all I’ve learnt to good use! I find that since doing the course I can look at a bare wall or room and visualise what could be there; and also see how to make the most of what s available to you in terms of space.

I took away about half a stone from the course the chap who made cakes and biscuits for the tea break was really good at his job!!! Seriously though, I definitely learned how to plan a room and the importance of taking your time when decorating. Each week we covered a different topic from colour to lighting to floor plans and different styles of design and storage ideas. We covered everything from the practical (i. e. storage) to the eccentricities of design.

I would definitely see myself doing another night course in the future; I’m looking into doing reflexology at the minute although I’m told I need to do a course in anatomy first so anatomy might be next on the list!

Frank Bolger

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