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Do you ever feel that you are losing touch with the youth of today Do you quite literally want to get down with the kids If so, then perhaps you should consider a hip-hop dance class.

We all know learning to dance is a great way to get fit and have a thoroughly enjoyable evening. But why choose hip-hop

Well firstly you will have the chance to be the b-boy (not b-girl mind) with the mostest in Clonakilty, Swords, or wherever your location.

Secondly, you are sure to attract raised-eyebrows of studious approval next time you hit that dancefloor in your local nightclub, ‘popping’ and ‘locking’ (more of which later) in a whirlwind of highly controlled and smoothly synchonised movement.

Thirdly, hip-hop dancing is strenuous and energetic and utilises the whole body and therefore of benefit to your health in a variety of ways. Here’s just a few to contemplate: burn fat, lose weight, combat stress, and strengthen muscle.

As you can guess, hip-hop dance is fairly high octane, so you will need a certain level of fitness to begin and the opportunity to rest and recuperate after a class would be preferable. You must also be prepared to look a little silly in front of others until you begin to master the moves but this is half the fun and the same as any other dance class in that regard.

Finally, by enrolling in a hip-hop dance course, you will gain a fascinating insight into a cultural phenomenon that has swept across the globe since its emergence in 1970s New York City.

Now we’ve explored why you should deck yourself in jazzy sneakers and baggy pants (in a rather hazy, MC Hammer-influenced appraisal of hip-hop fashions), let’s proceed with a brief crash course on all things hip-hop dance.


Originally a dance of the funk movement, locking was later incorporated into the hip-hop genre and involves momentarily freezing in eye-catching postures while performing fast-moving dance manoeuvers.

Locking legend Jimmy ‘Scooby Doo’ Foster busts some moves.

Some rather more prosaic locking with helpful instructions to get you started!


Another popular street dance, popping is performed by contraction and relaxation of the dancer’s muscles to unnatural, yet beguiling effect.

Here’s popper supremo Pacman in action.

Popping and locking with my man Stew.

And finally, the robot, a personal favourite and close relation of popping.

So if these cats don’t have you bursting at the seams to hit the pavement (or local community college as the case may be) and start doing your thang, then nobody will. Don’t want to be served by an arch rival the next time you’re out on the town You know what to do: enrol in a hip-hop dance class without delay.


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