Get Into Acting! 5 Reasons to Learn Acting

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You may never have wanted to be an actor but that doesn’t mean you should’t learn acting. I was on an acting course recently and I met people who were taking the course for a variety of reasons other than to become an actor. Now, of course if you do want to become an actor then acting classes are an essential stage in the journey. But here, we want to take a look at 5 reasons to learn acting that benefit everyone and not just those looking to become actors.

Get Into Acting! 5 Reasons to Learn Acting


Here at we are firm believers in Life Learning, which comes in many forms . Now maybe you want to learn something that’s related to work or maybe you want to learn something just for yourself.  Challenge yourself and do something completely different. Try acting classes. Maybe you’re an accountant or a dentist or a civil servant by day – well then, why not become a Danish Prince or a Roman Emperor or a convict on the run or by night! Acting classes are a great way to take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to be different and make you do things you have never done before and take you places you have never been before. Acting will also make you discover things about yourself you never knew before! 


Learning to act improves communication. It teaches you how communication is a tool we all have and how best we can use it. As a physical act, learning to act will improve your vocal projection, your articulation, and your tone and manner of speech. You will become a better public speaker as a result. You will learn how to express yourself to the best of your abilities. Also, when you study acting you’ll be involved in a collaboration of people that is necessary to get the best performance – from directors and teachers to fellow actors. Communication is key in the multitude of discussions, feedback, rehearsing, and performances. 


You’ll be surprised how many different “types” of people you’ll meet at an acting class. The very nature of the classes means that you’ll become a very close group as working together in acting situations requires trust and opening yourself up to others so you can expect to become quite close to your new friends in acting class. Don’t be surprised if you meet your new best friend for life while you are studying acting!


Acting is a great way to better understand yourself and who you are. Many of the techniques you learn are about who you are and learning about yourself is a great way to build confidence. We often shy away from self-exploration and put all our focus on controlling things outside of ourselves. Acting turns that focus toward the inside and asks questions of the self. This can be a great way of building confidence in who you are and learning to trust your own abilities and ideas. This confidence gained from the acting process can then easily be applied to your career, and indeed your life as a whole.


Acting is a great way of feeding that creative urge we all have. It’s wonderful to consume art in whatever way we choose but nothing is better than creating it. Acting is one of the ultimate methods of creation as you bring characters and stories to life! Once you light that fire it will burn for a long time!


You will have the time of your life at acting classes – that’s guaranteed. You’ll laugh a lot (and sometimes cry!), you’ll make friends for life and bond with others. You’ll learn new skills and apply them to great texts and take buckets of joy from performing them in front of others. You’ll live other lives and live out your dreams. You’ll discover great writers and directors and other actors along the way. You’ll do something you’ll never forget or regret! So go on – what are you waiting for? Get into acting!

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