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While English is the most commonly-spoken language in the world today, French has at one time been the planet’s most popular language thanks to the colonial conquests of Belgium and France. It however remains the most studied with up to 350 million people speaking the language the world over. French is also the official language of no less than 29 countries. There are a hundred and one reasons why you would be interested to learn to study French and romance could be one of that.

French Language Courses

If you think that only the French and the people near their borders speak the language, then wait until you realize that a third or almost 30 percent of the English words we use are derived from French. There are also many words that are both used in French and English like ala or in the manner of, adieu or farewell, a propos or concerning, aperitif or a drink before a meal, abattoir or slaughterhouse, ala carte or in the menu, baguette and even ballet. This language has indeed defied borders so imagine how empowered you will become if you learn how to speak French.

If you are fascinated with romance then French is indeed a must-learn language. But more than that, it is the rich history of France that has encouraged most people to learn how to speak French. It is interesting to know that French falls under the Romance languages category which all descend from the ancient Roman Empire’s language called Vulgar Latin. The rich history of France can be seen from the many influences of the French language including the invaders’ Germanic and Frankish language, the Creole language and the oil languages or Langue’s d’oil.

Why You Should Learn French

Native French speakers can be found not only in France but also in the United Kingdom, Italy, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland. If you are interested in visiting or staying in these countries for good, then that would be a very good motivation for learning how to speak French.

Learning how to speak French is not an easy task because it is a very detailed language in terms of the voiceless and voice stops, the use of 16 vowels in every dialect, the use of Latin alphabet, the lack of Latin declensions and the word order following the Subject, Verb and Object pattern. You have to be really patient and interested in the language to be able to hurdle the difficulties involved in studying French. However, learning can be more fun and efficient when you apply certain techniques in studying which will be taught by your instructor.

Putting The Work In

If you really want to learn how to speak French, then you have to learn earnestly and practice religiously. It is not enough that you memorize a hundred French words. What is more important is you try to use these words when you speak French to your family or friends, no matter how awkward it may sound.

While there are many free online courses that will help you learn how to speak French, it is best to enroll in a French Language class from a reputable language school. Check out the local colleges or centers for night classes so you can keep your day job and still learn French after work.

The best way to learn French is actually to visit France and live like the French. These people are very proud of their language so you can expect to be bombarded by French wherever you go, forcing you to improve your French language skills.

Live Like A Local

There are Paris-based institutions that offer night French courses such as thre Accord School. This school offers night classes for students, expats and other people who want to learn French or improve on their oral skills. If you have the time and the money, then going to France to study French would be a good idea because it will not only help you learn the language but it will also help you get to know the romantic and sophisticated French culture.

But if France proves miles and a thousand Francs away from you, then check out other institutions in your city. If you can’t live or study in France, the next best option for learning French is to take a French class where you live For sure, there are colleges and universities that offer night courses in French for the convenience of those who have work or classes in the morning.

If you just want a practical speaking skill then you can take a General French Course. But if you want to be a really good French speaker, then enroll in the Professional French Courses. But first, you have to take a French level test to determine your skills level. You can also take an online French test so you have an idea of where you stand in your French language skills. Don’t worry because whether you take your French level test in the testing centers or online, they are offered for free.

Have A Productive Summer

You can also learn how to study French intensively during summer whether you intend to take a beginner’s course, an intermediate course or advanced course in the French Language. Language courses usually take in a small number of students for a more conducive learnign environment. While the schedule and the sessions vary, fast language courses usually meet only for two hours every session several times a week while the more intensive ones meet for up to four hours per session. Get a lot of audio materials including French movie, French music and everything French for inspiration.

A night language course in French will not only teach you basic vocabulary but it will also teach you basic writing, listening and readind skills that are all geared to help you speak the language better. Take the time to listen to a French movie or audio materials to help you get the French accent right. Once you get the hang of it, you will have more reasons to smile the next time you overhear a French couple arguing and making up.

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