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Thinking of taking up a course in Women’s Studies? 

Courses in Women’s Studies will introduce you to the cultural and social construction of gender. It explores the history, experiences and contributions of women to society. As well as that, students will look into the influences of gender of the lives of women and men. Women’s Studies are important because they look at empirical knowledge, gendered practices, norms and discourse in politically significant ways. 

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What will you study? 

Women’s Studies look into love, care and reproduction in a deeper sense. 

The courses offer a unique opportunity for an in-depth study of the gender dimensions of globalisation and global issues. This is done through an interdisciplinary programme. It combines gender and women’s studies, international development, human rights and peace and conflict studies. 

Those who undertake a course in Women’s Studies will acquire theoretical, conceptual and practice tools. When applying gender perspective and undertaking analyses, tools like this are essential. Students will research in relevant domains such as practice and employment at local, national and international levels. 

Modules in globalisation, human rights, development, gender and feminist theory, women in agriculture, health and sexuality, historical perspectives and peace and conflict will be taught. Students will also undertake skill-based modules such as research methods, applied gender analysis and empowerment. 

Practical modules in academic writing will help students to get a better grasp on essay writing. This is essential to succeeding in the course and these modules will assist you regardless of what level you are at.

There are opportunities within Women’s Studies courses to undertake a two-month professional placement with relevant organisations working on issues relating to the course. This experience will be extremely valuable to your career going forward and will give you a good understanding of how workplaces of this nature operate. It will also give you an opportunity to make contacts in the industry and to get a foot in the door for future job prospects.

Part-time courses in Women’s Studies are often delivered over a two-year basis. Class numbers are usually kept quite small which means that you will be given the full attention of your tutors and classmates. 

What career paths are available? 

A course in Women’s Studies can lead you to a number of different career paths. 

Students can work with international or national NGOs who work in the health sector, with women’s rights, domestic violence or social work. Others may go on to become teachers. A career in media or journalism is also a viable option as a background in Women’s Studies will help you highlight issues in public life. Similarly, those interested in politics can use the knowledge from this course to work on inequalities. 

The option of further study is also possible. This course can lead students to many different options. They can choose to continue their studies in social sciences, human rights and humanities. Alternatively, they can choose to move into another field.

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