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Thinking of taking a Computers For Improvers course? 

Being able to use computers is an excellent skill, regardless of your need for it. Some people are pros with all things technology, while others struggle greatly. Those who know the basics of the device but want to conquer the more advanced aspects of the computing world should consider a Computers for Improvers course. Find the right course for you on Nightcourses.ie’s database here

What do these courses cover?

Computers For Improvers courses tackle a lot of the next step programmes and skills. They follow on from a beginners class, or even following on from your own self-directed learning. 

Some courses cover the likes of Microsoft Word in terms of letters, clip art, find and replacing text, bullets and numbering, formatting/changing text, inserting page numbers and tables. Microsoft Excel will be covered in terms of charts and formulas. Microsoft PowerPoint will be covered in terms of creating and animating slides. Students will also learn how to email attachments, as well as about Internet usage and security. 

Courses in Internet skills will familiarise students with all things online. They will learn about email, online shopping, banking and communications such as Skype and Viber. 

Pre-ECDL courses will help learners develop the confidence and skills required to proceed and undertake the “New ECDL: Starter Base Modules”. It covers the likes of Windows management, email, creating and sharing documents using MS Office 2016, Dropbox and Google Drive. Students will learn how to share photos online and to use other Google services such as YouTube and safety online. 

Creating folders and subfolders, renaming files and moving them around efficiently will help students to organise their computer in the best way possible. They will also learn how to check for viruses in general and on memory sticks. 

The courses vary in terms of length and delivery. Some courses operate online. Others take place in classrooms. Some are a mix of the two. You’re certain to find a course to suit your needs and to work around pre-existing work commitments and personal life.

What comes next? 

Upon completing a Computers For Improvers course, students will be able to use their devices to a higher standard. It will equip both casual users and those who need it for their profession with the necessary skills to succeed. 

While many people may take this course to become more comfortable using a computer, some take it to progress in their career. Those looking to work as a secretary, in an office or in other positions where a computer is needed will excel after taking on a course like this. 

Progressing on to further study is a viable option for graduates of these courses. They can advance to computers for advanced levels. However, there is also the option to go into similar fields such as computer science. There is also the option of moving into related fields like media, software development, secretarial courses and beyond. A course in Computers for Improvers is a great option for anyone who wants to land their dream job but need additional skills.

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