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Businesses all over the world understand the benefits of customer service. In fact, some top businesses have built empires due to their reputation for excellent customer service. Companies like Specsavers, Amazon and M&S Food regularly make best customer service lists. They don t do it for the glory! As you’ll know whenever you are a customer yourself, your experience changes your perception of a company. After a good experience, you ll feel good about them and recommend the company to friends and family, or on social media. On the other hand, a bad experience has the opposite effect.

There s more to customer service than a smile and a good attitude. Customer care, relations, and services is both an art and a science. Students will learn the theory behind customer service in order to provide extraordinary customer satisfaction. Employers in businesses, both small and large, need employees who can strengthen customer relations. Therefore anyone who has strong customer care skills is worth their weight in gold.

Why study customer care, relations and services?

Businesses can gain an edge if they understand their customers’ needs, and as a result, know how to engage and satisfy them. Employees who can improve and grow customer relations are invaluable to employers. Students can look forward to careers that can be lucrative, and incredibly satisfying. Here are just a few examples of professions in the world of customer care, relations and services.

  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Guest Relationship Manager
  • Customer Relations Executive
  • Customer Care Advisor

There are a variety of courses offered across Ireland. These include short and one-day courses that introduce students to the core concepts of customer care, relations, and services. There are also longer diploma courses and distance learning options available.

What does it involve?

Students who are interested in pursuing customer care, relations, and services, need to be enjoy working with people, have an unflappable manner and problem-solving skills. Since this is a customer-facing career, socially minded people tend to excel in this field. Furthermore, successful customer care specialists need to be able to apply the theoretical knowledge they learn in the real world. Working in customer relations means being able to listen to the customer, anticipate their needs, and be willing to communicate on behalf of the business.

At a glance

People with an education in customer care, relations and services are highly sought out by employers. Students who are social and hardworking excel in this field. There are course options that can fit anyone s schedule and educational needs.

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