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News today that David Attenbrough has called humankind a ‘plague on the earth’. Here at Nightcourses.com we have enjoyed the man’s many years of top-notch TV programming – but we fear he is getting a little crabby in his old age, and his strident comments reveal an uncharacteristic lack of objectivity.

Anyhow, this story caught our eye at lunchtime and got us thinking about some of the interesting nature-flavoured nightcourses that are available out there. So if you have a passion in wildlife, here is a few that might be worth a look:

Herpetology – the biological and ecological characteristics of reptiles and amphibians as well as relevant conservation issues.

Bird Watching – a firm foundation of knowledge and an understanding of all aspects of birdlife found in Ireland.

Habitats & Wildlife of Ireland – exploring a sample of the wide variety of habitats found in Ireland and in brief the flora and fauna within each habitat.

Hillwalking and Mountain Navigation – covering basic equipment, map reading, navigation, using a GPS and mountain craft.

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