Training in Focus: Certificate in Psychology

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Have you always wanted to get a handle on what makes people tick? Are you fascinated by the human condition? Maynooth University is offering some excellent part-time options when it comes to delving into the scientific study of the mind and behaviour.

This certificate is a level seven course and is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of psychology. You will get to explore all of this in relation to the relevance to the individual, family, community, and society. This programme will cover the main psychological theories and examine their contribution to the development of the discipline.

Course Content

  • Module 1 Introduction to Psychology and Study Skills; Overview of what psychology consists of, its history and study skills.
  • Module 2 The Biological Basis of Behaviour; Most behaviour is rooted in our biology; this module considers the role of the brain in sleep, sensation and perception.
  • Module 3 Learning and Feeling: This module focuses on how we learn, remember and experience emotions.Module 4 Personality: This module reviews the most important theories of personality, and how personality is assessed under each of these theories.
  • Module 5 The Development of the Individual: This module considers the early development of the child from conception through to thought, language and moral development.
  • Module 6 Introduction to Social Psychology: Key areas in social psychology such as social perception, attitudes and prejudice will be explored in this module.
  • Module 7 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology: This module introduces students to the diagnosis, classification and treatment models in abnormal behaviour.
  • Module 8 Introduction to Social Research Methodology: An introduction to the main techniques involved in social research.

3 Locations across the country:

  • Cork College of Commerce Start Date: 2 Oct. 2018 6.00-9.30
  • Scoil Mhuire Clane, Kildare: Start Date Tuesday 25 Sept. 7.00-10.00.
  • Vita House, Roscommon: Start Date Monday 1 Oct. 7.00-10.00


Tempted? The course fee is €1250. An easy payment plan can be made available after you register. You might even be eligible for university support funding once registration is complete…. reach out to Maynooth University now and find out your options now.

Qualified? What Next?

The NUI Certificate in Psychology is a standalone qualification however when combined with the NUI Certificate in Training and Continuing Education (Train the Trainer Level 7) plus the Certificate Equality Studies (On-Line) it forms part of the Diploma in Arts: Training and Development for Socially Inclusive Workplaces.

Find out more about this course online here.


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