The People’s College, Adult Education Association New Term

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The People’s College is currently taking enrollments for Autumn 2021.

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The People’s College, Adult Education Association New Term

The People’s College organises courses in the following areas:

  • Languages (Irish, English , French, German, Italian, and Spanish)
  • Arts, Music Creativity (Painting Art Appreciation; Music Appreciation, Creative Writing, Tin Whistle and Guitar)
  • Social Studies ( Current Affairs,History, European Union, Genealogy, Japanese Culture, Economics/Political Economy).
  • Environment/Nature Studies (Hill Walking, Wildlife)
  • Personal Development Social Skills (Communication Skills/Public Speaking, Pilates, Yoga, First Aid)

The People’s College, Adult Education Association, is a voluntary body with the status of charitable organisation.

Set up 1948, to provide workers’ education, it continues to provide general adult education – languages, social political studies, literature, art appreciation and cultural activities as well as personal development and communication skills – for trade unionists, their families and the general public.

The People’s College is part of the European Workers’ Education movement which emphasises education for democracy. This involves creating a space where workers can study, reflect on and react to their continually changing society as well as develop their intellectual, social and creative potential. An integral part of the system is the active participation of the students in the decision-making process and organisational structures of the College.

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  1. Brian Thornton 13th September 2021 at 5:30 pm

    I am interesting in doing a leaving certificate course in Honours Gaeilge for adults.

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