Terrified of public speaking? Flying Turtle Productions can help

By Anne Sexton - Last update

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Huge numbers of people are scared of public speaking. For some of us, speaking in public is a much more terrifying prospect than death itself.

There are a number of reasons why. Firstly, we worry about making a fool of ourselves and that others are judging us. In addition, we worry that we’re no good at public presentation, or we have had a bad past experience. Finally, we may be uncomfortable with our posture, body language or physical traits.

Having said that, public speaking is a hugely important skill. Anyone who needs to give presentations to colleagues or clients, needs some public speaking skills. Plus they come in handy if you need to give a speech at a wedding or event too.

The best way to conquer any fear is to face it head on. You can do this by learning the tricks and techniques to get it right.

Public speaking with Flying Turtle Productions

Flying Turtle Productions has a public speaking course for non-actors. Flying Turtle Productions is the acting and drama school at the Abbey School of Drama. Their public speaking course allows each communicate to explore their own voice and to discover and develop their unique style of presentation.

Furthermore, they will help you recognise physical or vocal habits that create barriers and limit your ability to communicate with confidence and help you eliminate them. Best of all, there are courses for beginners as well as for those with experience who want to improve their techniques.

About Flying Turtle Productions

You’ll find details about the course here.


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