Welcomes IACT

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Become more proficient in the most crucial of computer programmes, or upskill your professional team and improve efficiency. The International Academy of Computer Training (IACT) has joined the list of expert training providers here at

About IACT

IACT – International Academy of Computer Training is a specialist computer training company founded in 1993. They are Ireland’s largest and most experienced IT Training company and specialise in helping people acquire new skills, or brush up on ones they once had.

Throughout their history they’ve enjoyed great success, boasting an established client list featuring both large and small companies and Government agencies. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Intel, Dell, Ericsson, Citigroup, Hewlett-Packard, GE, and many others.

Content development methodology

Presently, the development path of IACT’s eLearning content is unique and distinguishes them from all other eLearning providers. Their content is engaging, professional and easy to follow. All their programmes have been designed, written and implemented by expert instructors. This fundamentally alters the structure and presentation of their material creating a more engaging, rewarding and educational training experience.


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