Making Your Voice Heard: Foundations of Advocacy in Adult learning and Education

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What are the steps to good advocacy? How can you map and engage relevant stakeholders? Over the course of five weeks (13 Oct -10 Nov), the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) will introduce its key issues in advocacy in its webinar series ‘Making your voice heard: foundations of advocacy in adult learning and education’ Every Tuesday at 11:00..

EAEA develops in-service trainings and organises study-visits in order to increase adult education professionals’ knowledge about the European Union, to deepen understanding of the European education and training policies and to allow the exchange of experiences and good practice among participants.

What are the steps to good advocacy? How can you map and engage relevant stakeholders? Once you have secured an appointment with someone you have been trying to reach for months, how do you make the best out of a short meeting?

Over the course of five weeks, EAEA will introduce its members to key issues in advocacy through a series of webinars with experts in the field. Join every Tuesday at 11:00 am CEST from 13 October until 10 November.

EAEA monitor and impact European policies on non-formal adult education, offer capacity building opportunities for adult education professionals and cooperate through projects.

Impacting policy

EAEA impacts EU policies on non-formal adult education and lifelong learning and cooperates with European Union institutions and many international and national NGOs. This is concretely done through personal meetings with decision makers and stakeholders. We prepare statements as well as respond to surveys and consultations.

EAEA also organises events with and for EU institutions as well as represents adult education civil society and its perspective at conferences and working groups. From 2016 to 2018, EAEA will be present in ET2020 working groups on adult learning and on citizenship education.

Capacity building

EAEA provides trainings, cooperation opportunities and events. EAEA also awards excellence and cooperation in adult education with the EAEA Grundtvig AwardEAEA dissemination services offer organisations the chance to get European wide visibility.


EAEA coordinates, partners and disseminates projects on different topics. Check them here.

  • Policy and advocacy
  • Professionalisation
  • Social inclusion
  • Validation
  • Intergenerational learning


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