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The Magic in Your Mind online course is an amazing program designed by three exceptional coaches, who want to teach you the power you have in your own mind. Extraordinary success comes from mindset – build the future you want.

About the Magic in Your Mind Online Course

Have you ever said?

“I set myself goals but rarely achieve them”

“I have dreams, but don’t know how to make them happen”

“I struggle with believing I can accomplish my goals and dreams”

Magic in Your Mind is an amazing program designed by three exceptional coaches, who want to teach you the power you have in your own mind.

Sandy Gallagher, Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey have designed a life-changing course, showing you how to create your own success by using mindset to transform your life.

Using the power of your subconscious mind, you will transform your thinking:

  • Dismissing Non-Useful Thoughts and harnessing Useful Thoughts
  • Instead of random and chaotic thoughts, you’ll create orderly thoughts unaffected by external chaos.
  • Instead of always responding to what happens to you, you’ll tap into spiritual power originating your own thoughts and ideas.
  • Instead of focusing just on what is, you’ll actively create the life you want.

What’s the key to creating thoughts which produce the success you want?

This program will provide you with tools and inspiration to understand your mind better, creating magic and achieving greatness through your own marvellous mind.


  • A six-week program created by three of the world’s greatest minds.
  • A weekly audio coaching lesson on one of the six higher mental faculties, providing insight and advice on using it to improve your life – imagination, intuition, will, perception, memory and reason.
  • A daily video lesson, including insights and exercises to further your understanding and promote the use of your higher mental faculties.
  • By the end of the week you’ll have explored these faculties thoroughly, knowing how and when to use them, having actually done just that.

To find out more about the programme, click here.

Sign up today, make the change

For only $497, you’ll have lifetime access to the whole six-week program, giving you – not only a path to change your future – but the opportunity for continual development.

If, within the first 7 days, you find the course isn’t working for you – email your cancellation to receive your money back in full, no questions asked.

And, for each person signing up to Magic in Your Mind, we will make a donation to support Ireland’s Children’s Hospice LauraLynn.

You are to become a creator, not a competitor. You will become a creator by employing the higher faculties with which you have been endowed: Perception, Reason, Will, Memory, Imagination and Intuition. No other form of life was given these creative faculties.”

–Wallace Wattles: The Science of Getting Rich

Working with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher has changed my life, if you want to find out more about me – Darren (coach and mentor), the Proctor Gallagher Institute or Magic in Your Mind, get in touch.

Don’t wait, find out how to get more from your future today contact the the Proctor Gallagher Institute via this portal or call 087 9536759.


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