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Are you interested in learning about photography? The Dublin Camera Club is the city’s leading provider of evening classes in photography.

History of Dublin Camera Club

The Dublin Camera Club has a long history. The club was founded in August 1945. It came about because a group of Dublin photographers felt that the entry conditions of Photographic Society of Ireland were too high for beginners. Therefore, they decided that the city needed another camera club.

The Dublin Camera Club held their first meeting on 5 November 1945 in the old Jury’s Hotel in College Green. The club’s first president was a man named James Wilson.

Since then, the club has grown. Furthermore, in recent years, photography and the visual arts have become more accessible because of digital technology. As a result, the Dublin Camera Club not only provides evening classes, but also year round activities.

Activities and facilities

Some of the Dublin Camera Club’s activities and facilities include:

  • Weekly club meetings
  • Lecture meetings
  • Two fully equipped darkrooms as well as a fully equipped studio
  • The Eddie Chandler exhibition gallery
  • Workshops
  • Numerous social events
  • The ever-important and popular competitions

What will you learn?

Firstly, students will learn how to work cameras properly. They will learn how exposure contributes to the overall image, as well as how to compose a great shot. In addition, they will learn editing skills as well as traditional photography skills such as darkroom printing. Furthermore, there are outings with instructors to areas of interest.

Topics covered include:

  • Cameras and Equipment
  • Exposure
  • Composition
  • Monochrome Photography
  • Darkroom Printing and Enlarging
  • Types of Photography such as Holiday and Travel Photography as well as Landscape Photography

Anyone taking part in classes becomes an Associate Member of the club and can also apply to become full members. After the end of the course, members can participate in Novice Workshops at no extra charge.

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