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By Anne Sexton - Last update

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Do you want to learn to draw? We are pleased to announce that Carlow’s Jim Donnelly Art Studio has joined Nightcourses.com.

About Jim Donnelly Art Studio

Jim Donnelly Art Studio teaches provides traditional drawing and painting techniques for people with varying levels of ability. Jim Donnelly also runs part-time courses and evening classes in a purpose built art studio in Carlow.

Bargue Drawings

One course the Studio offers is an introduction to traditional drawing.

In this class students will be learn how to do Bargue drawings. These are drawing from the cast, a 19th century teaching method.

Charles Bargue developed the method. Due to it’s usefulness as a teaching technique, French Academy widely used the method in the 19th and early-20th centuries. Students copy instructional plates developed by the artist. The goal for the student is to improve his or her observational skills. Therefore, students learn to deconstruct complex visual information into large and small forms and shadows and light.

For more information, please see the Studio’s profile.

Anne Sexton

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  1. Michael Dunne 21st September 2017 at 8:55 pm

    I want an evening class to learn pencil drawing – Michael

    1. Cormac O' Meara 25th September 2017 at 8:44 am

      Hi Michael,

      Here is the only course Jim Donnelly Art Studio have listed on our website. If you are interested or want to find out about more of their courses you can make an enquiry directly to them https://courses365couk.flywheelsites.com/course/an-introduction-to-traditional-drawing/

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