Irish Medical Students in Poland at All-Time High

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New options for Irish medical students taught in Poland emerged from a recent meeting between The Medical Examinations Centre and Medical Poland. There is no longer a need for an internship in Ireland. Poland has proved to be a highly effective study option. 

Almost 450 Irish students looking to practice in Ireland or abroad upon graduation have favoured Polish medical and veterinary schools in the last six years. Poland is becoming an increasingly popular international destination for medical – including veterinary- education. The number of international students in Poland has grown on average by 17.5% year to year over the last decade to some 90 thousand students this year.

There is an unexpected benefit for those choosing Poland – they may be exempt from a year-long HSE internship if they choose to sit a Polish national qualification exam in English. The Medical Poland Admission Office confirms that exam rules will change at the beginning of 2021, making the exam much more accessible for Irish students. “A question bank with 70% of its questions will be made available in advance of the exam” said Prof. Mariusz Klencki, the Director of Medical Examination Centre. This development will add a second route to practising as a doctor in Ireland for graduates of Polish universities.

Medical professionals believe that the internship provides necessary experience and understanding of the workings of the Irish health service as well as knowledge of its processes and procedures. In order to achieve that level of systemic understanding. Irish students in Poland can complete most of their 6th year summer placement in Ireland, in arrangement with Medical Poland.

The special relationship between Ireland and Poland are now even stronger. Polish public universities recommended by – and in collaboration with the Medical Poland Admission Office – agreed to wait for Irish students’ Leaving Certificate results much later than usual.

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