Getting your garden in shape for the summer

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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Christmas and New Years may be well and truly behind us (unless you’re Chinese of course) but at least the long, dark winter nights are beginning to shorten. Once again, there is such a thing as early morning light, and some may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a bright evening sky on their way home from work.

Before we even know it the trees will be turning green, ewes will be in lamb, and the smell of fresh-cut grass will fill the air. It’s enough to make you want to participate in some way – to maybe make the most of the space you have; to improve how it looks and smells; to enjoy some produce you grew yourself. has plenty of evening and part time classes in gardening to help you out. Courses are designed for those just starting out on their gardening journey as well the green fingers already growing vegetables, fruit and herbs (chemical free too). Composting, companion planting, mulching, raised beds & containers, eliminating weeds, encouraging wildlife & biodiversity – all the ways and means of producing healthy crops organically will be explored.

No matter how much garden space you have – or how little – a small bit of training and a can-do attitude will see you create your own perfect little patch of summer.


Frank Bolger

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