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Teaching English around the world can be a fantastic experience, but as the TEFL Training Institute of Ireland notes, you need to do it the right way.

Teaching English as a foreign language give you the opportunity to travel and visit exciting destinations as well as get paid! But to get the best jobs at the best schools, you need an accredited qualification.

In addition, TEFL teachers work here in Ireland too. With thousands of foreign students arriving here every year, there are a number of job opportunities across Ireland as well as around the world.

Why choose TEFL Training Institute of Ireland?

The TEFL Training Institute of Ireland offers full TEFL accreditation and internationally recognised courses. They also offer supportive and friendly qualified tutors and guidance into the teaching world.

The TEFL Training Institute of Ireland offers a range of advanced to specialist courses. Furthermore, they offer 24/7 job support and they have a handful of the best TEFL internships on offer to help you land your dream job. They work with international schools and foreign governments to offer first-rate and exceptional teaching placements abroad.


There are a number of course options. These include:

  • 10 Hour Classroom TEFL Course in Cork/Dublin
  • 120 Hour Advanced Online TEFL Course
  • 150 Hour Specialist TEFL Course
  • 180 Hour Specialist Plus TEFL Course
  • 240 Hour Master TEFL Course

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