From German to Yoga courses – a man has seen his ‘better’ side!

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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It seems, in this macho world, that few things can help a man to see his more intuitive side – but it now seems that doing a part-time course is one of them. I blogged recently about my neighbour who, after years of ignorance of any time of part-time education, enrolled in a German course and found himself enjoying the social side of the class and said he intended to enrol in a lot more courses. Now, he’s only gone and enrolled in a yoga class with his girlfriend – his second night course in as many months!

I haven’t got the low down on how this evening went for him yet but it should be interesting and I may well be able to tempt him to tell us more about the experience here on It’s far from yoga he was raised!

I guess it shows that even the most unlikely of subjects seems to get absorbed into part-time courses and come out smiling.


Frank Bolger

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