Fresh Start – STP at Baldoyle Training Centre

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Baldoyle Training Centre are offering Fresh Start training programme beginning 28/12/2020. Fresh Start – STP at Baldoyle Training Centre.

The aim of the training programme is to provide flexible training opportunities to raise competency levels of unemployed people, not otherwise being catered for through SOLAS interventions, facilitating their progression to or toward labour market participation, using collaborative community resources and opportunities.

All learners are supported in identifying their individual learning needs. Learners are encouraged to develop to their maximum potential at their own pace in a supported learning environment of equality and inclusion.

This programme leads to a QQI Level 3 Major Award in Employability Skills for learners who meet the award requirements.

Fresh Start – STP at Baldoyle Training Centre ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

  • Education: Learners will have appropriate reading, writing and numeracy skills. It is therefore expected that learners availing of this programme will be at the levels of knowledge, skill and competence associated with the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) Level 2.
  • Aptitude: The learner participating in this programme will have expressed an interest in improving their literacy, numeracy, ICT and planning skills and will be willing to learn skills in new areas. The learner will be able to take some responsibility for their own learning and demonstrate some autonomy in a classroom setting where there is supervision and direction.
  • Previous Experience: It is expected that learners availing of this programme will come from diverse social, educational and cultural backgrounds. This may include those of all ages who have not completed formal second level education, people who are educationally disadvantaged or have gaps in their educational achievement to date and those who wish to return to learning.

Fresh Start – STP at Baldoyle Training Centre COURSE CONTENT

Title Award Awarding Body
Application Of Number Application of Number (3N0928) QQI
Career Preparation Career Preparation (3N0896) QQI
Communications L3 Communications (3N0880) QQI
Computer Literacy Computer Literacy (3N0881) QQI
Health And Fitness Health & Fitness (3N0531) QQI
Internet Skills Internet Skills (3N0931) QQI
Mathematics Mathematics (3N0929) QQI
Nutrition And Healthy Options Nutrition & Healthy Options (3N0887) QQI
Personal Effectiveness Personal Effectiveness (3N0565) QQI
Word Processing Word Processing (3N0588) QQI
Work Experience Work Experience (3N0587) QQI
Spreadsheets Spreadsheets (3N0542) QQI
Planting and Potting by Hand Planting & Potting by Hand (3N0891) QQI


Demonstrate a moderately broad range of knowledge in a limited range
of employability and career related concepts.
Demonstrate a mainly concrete understanding of employability concepts
and a limited comprehension of the relationships between these
concepts and career preparation for a specific vocation.
Demonstrate a limited range of practical and cognitive skills and tools
used in preparing for employment.
Select from a limited range of varied procedures and apply known
solutions to a limited range of predictable career planning, employment
preparation, and job seeking problems.
Apply employability skills and vocational skills for specific employment
and career preparation contexts.
Demonstrate the application of employability and vocational skills under direction and with limited autonomy, in a familiar environment.
Describe personal learning experiences within a managed environment.
Assume some responsibility for self-understanding and own behaviour
when preparing for employment.
The learning outcomes associated with this award are outlined in the
associated Component Specifications.


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