Free Couch Lesson: AI and Climate Change

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The register today for a ‘Free Couch Lesson’ in AI and Climate Change, which will take place online at Wednesday, June 10, 5-6pm CET (4pm Irish time). This is one of a series of in-depth lectures and conversations about Artificial Intelligence from the Goethe-Institut that’s sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

AI and Climate Change

Artificial Intelligence has tremendous potential to make lasting changes to the collective challenges facing the world. Even before the current pandemic, climate chaos was hurting our planet and even despite global lockdowns we can still see the impact of human activity on the earth. Clearly, we need new solutions to make energy use cleaner and more efficient, better policies at the system levels, as well as improved or reduced consumption patterns. How can AI help save the climate? Researches and climate scientists will give real-life examples of how AI is helping.

What you will learn:
– Where can AI be applied with high impact in the fight against climate change?
– How does AI help to the mitigation of greenhouse gas?
– How do we make sure that AI doesn’t accelerate the environmental degradation?

Victor Galaz, Deputy Director and Associate Professor at the Stockholm Resilience Centre / Sweden
Lynn Kaack, Energy Politics Group ETH Zürich and Co-Chair of Climate Change AI / Schweiz
Sims Witherspoon, Program Manager, DeepMind

The COUCH LESSON is held in English.



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