DNA: Discovering New Abilities

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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Sports and science haven’t always been the bosom buddies they are now. In the past, getting fit meant an excess of pain, perspiration and persistence. These days, however, getting the most from the exercise means working smart as much as it does hard; it is as much about inspiration as it is perspiration.

While sports nutrition is an area that has been around for a while now, and one that continues to evolve; and while workout routines are becoming ever more sophisticated, there’s now a new kid on the block, as it were.

Genetic Performance

Have you ever watched track and field sports, or football, or ballet, or any of a host of sports and thought: ‘If I’d spent my life training, I probably could’ve done that too’

Well Genetic Performance, an Irish company, are well placed to answer such musings. That’s because the company has launched a revolutionary DNA test that enables people to pinpoint exactly where their athletic potential lies.

By knowing where their strengths lie, it’s possible for people to tailor their workouts so that they find the activities and nutrition that will bring about the greatest benefits relative to their natural abilities.

DNA Test

Getting your DNA profile is an incredibly straightforward procedure. Four quick swab tests is all it takes to collect the necessary DNA. It’s even possible to order the test online and carry it out yourself. That’s the simple part. The sophisticated part comes once the results have been sent back for analyses. That’s when the real journey towards improved performance begins.


Frank Bolger

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