Digital marketing: just being online is not enough

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Are you responsible for your company’s website Thinking of setting up your own commercial website as an additional income stream Or maybe you are considering a career in this cutting edge industry Anyone with such a responsibility or ambition needs digital marketing skills to ensure you are reaching the maximum possible audience.

Note however, that the number one priority for any website is the content; is it regularly updated, interesting, readable, topical and free from errors Not much technical skills are required for this aspect, especially with today’s easy-to-use content management systems, but it is essential that you constantly work on content in order to grow and sustain visitor numbers.

In a digital marketing course you will learn to master numerous interlinked skills that will help build your site’s popularity. A cornerstone of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – the collective term for the steps you can take to improve your website’s ranking on Google (ideally appearing on the first page of results when someone searches for a term directly relevant to your business). Watch the video below for a quick guide to the basics of SEO:


Other aspects of digital marketing include making the most of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, blogging, connecting with mobile media, and how to utilise Google tools such as Analytics and AdWords. Digital marketing is an exciting field, where the ground is constantly shifting and fresh techniques and innovations are always emerging.


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