Digital Marketing: Getting your voice heard in cyberspace

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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Print media is struggling right now. Its position is like that of an elder lion that has led its pride for years but now faces the challenge of a younger, more powerful rival.

In the world of advertising and marketing, that younger foe comes in a digital form. Print media simply cannot compete with the lower costs and immediacy offered by its online rival. While newspaper readership is still strong by all accounts, almost all papers have acknowledged the changing climate by sharing their information across dedicated online platforms too.

The recent and well-documented problems of retail outlets such as HMV or Game is further testament to the fact that many traditional business models simply must adapt if they are to survive.

And many businesses have adapted. That fact alone is one of the driving forces behind digital job creation. Indeed, the demand for qualified online experts and digital marketers is such that the demand seems to be exceeding the supply – something that has become all too rare in other sectors in recent years.

The announcement of new jobs by the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin is a typical example of growing demand. Encouraging someone to enroll on a Digital Marketing course surely doesn’t need much spin or gloss: simply put, there are few industries that can compete with its vitality or forward momentum. People, like businesses, will just have to learn how to adapt their abilities to the new environment. Once they have decided to do so, the opportunities will suddenly seem to be everywhere.

Frank Bolger

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