Development matters: The importance of KODE

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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Development practitioners in areas such as child protection or poverty reduction can now refresh, expand and reinvigorate their knowledge thanks to Kimmage Open and Distance Learning (KODE), which are available from Kimmage DSC (Development Studies Centre).

The schedule of programmes due to commence in 2014 cover topics from the political, managerial and administrative (such as Governance & Accountability and Project Planning & Proposal Writing) to the social (such as Understanding & Addressing Gender-Based Violence).

KODE is a blended-learning package, with the online element being supplemented by CD ROM course content. This means that the courses have a truly global reach as they can be taken from anywhere. The programmes are generally quite short – typically running for between 5 and 10 weeks; and despite their inherent value to the socially responsible among us – as well as to professionals in these areas – they are also highly affordable.


Frank Bolger

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