‘COP ON! Why should young people care about our planet and COP 26?’

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NYCI Future Generations Project together with the Friends of the Earth Making Common Cause project funded by Irish Aid are hosting a Knowledge session ‘COP ON! Why should young people care about our planet and COP 26?’ from 10 am – 4pm Online on Zoom on 25th September.

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‘COP ON! Why should young people care about our planet and COP 26?’

Young people and Youth Workers are invited to an event with young campaigners, policymakers, and activists to explore how the issues affecting them and the future of the planet are discussed and negotiated at international level through the United Nations Climate talks.

The event will set out to explain how the UN climate talks work, who’s involved and how young people’s voices fit within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties also known as COP.

During this event, you will explore how young people have managed to push for a processive climate justice agenda from the inside through the Youth constituency of COP (YOUNGO) or outside of COP through civil action. Through music and dance, we will also have some fun and connection with each other!

Why should you attend?

With world leaders, activists are coming together once again to decide on a future world plan to deal with climate change: 2021 is a big year to put back again Climate Justice on the agenda.

It is important that young people know what is happening as all of the discussions and many of the decisions will directly affect them and future generations of young people.

World planetary negotiations haven’t always gone to plan because different countries, governments, activists, campaigners, policy makers can have differing viewpoints and agenda. Join to learn more about the process and about how you might get involved.

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