Childcare’s Boom

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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Predicting public trends can be like trying to read the future by gazing at the stars. There is something almost illogical behind much of our behaviour, as if idiosyncrasy and unpredictability were natural parts of an overall survival strategy.

One such oddity can be seen in the fact that economic lulls often correspond with baby booms. While the act of conceiving may be low on expense, the result certainly isn’t. The considerable costs of having and raising a child should, one would assume, make us think twice about it. Such costs would normally have most of us tightening our belts – literally, in this case.

But this is very far from the reality. The birth rate in this country for the year 2009, at the height (or rather the depths) of the recession, was beyond that of any year since 1891: 75,554. Suggested explanations include the fact that more couples are having babies later on in life. Also, IVF treatment has made significant advances, now enjoying greater success rates. Then there is the theory that such record fertility rates are a way of maintaining the population in the face of mass emigration. Another reason may be that there simply wasn’t enough good programming on television, meaning that people swapped the living room for the bedroom.

The upshot of all this is a huge demand for childcare workers and Montessori teachers. Parents need to feel the security of knowing that their children are being looked after by well-trained and trustworthy individuals. And with the demand, of course, comes the provision; those of you with the temperament and aptitude for working with children will find no shortage of part-time and evening courses in Childcare and Montessori education that will prepare you for any and all of the challenges you may face.

One look at upcoming TV schedules suggests your services will be undoubtedly required well into the future.

Frank Bolger

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