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Are you thinking about a career in IT? SOLAS – eCollege are offering Changing Career To The IT Sector, an online course that aims to give learners who are unsure of which stream in Technology, Software Development or Networking they should pursue, the knowledge and skills required to make an informed decision when changing career to the IT sector.

The courses runs over 15 weeks and will assist the learners in identifying a career path appropriate to their aptitudes and interests and guide the learners to successfully achieve the first level of their chosen path.

On completion of this course learners will be directed to the next stage in their career development.

Learn more about the course here

eCollege is a leading learning institution that delivers online and distance training courses in business, project management, SQL, Cisco, graphic design, web design, digital marketing, software development and basic computer literacy.

Online courses are available free of charge to unemployed clients. These courses are designed to give a flexible response to the specific skills needs of job ready individuals who require training interventions with certification to assist them to re-enter the labour market.

Courses are also available, for a fee, to employed persons who wish to update their skills. While these courses are delivered completely online, eTutor support is available throughout the course.

There are many benefits of studying at eCollege including:

  • All course materials included
  • eTutor support
  • Practice tests and Examinations cost included
  • Online access 24 X 7
  • Software (if applicable) will be provided for the duration of the course
  • All courses lead to Industry recognised certification

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