Call for Abstracts – The Adult Learner, 2022

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The Adult Learner, the Irish Journal of Adult and Community Education, has issued a Call for Abstracts for its 2022 edition.

The Irish Journal of Adult and CommunityEducation: The Adult Learner was founded in 1985. This valuable resource documents the growth and development of adult learning policy and practice. It provides a forum for critical reflection on the practices of teaching and learning, giving priority to subject matter that addresses disadvantage, social exclusion. equality, workplace learning, and the study of the teacher and student relationship.

This year’s edition of The Adult Learner will explore our understanding of success in adult, community, and further education. What do we mean by learner success? Should we have set definitions of success or does this differ depending on the individual or the programme? What constitutes both individual and collective success in adult learning? Does policy dictate the measurement of success or can we use these measurements to shape adult education policy?

Papers that explore the following topics are particularly welcome:

Measuring success in Adult, Community, and Further EducationProgression and its relationship to our understanding of success

Pathways through adult education (including community education, furthereducation, and higher education)

‘Hard’ and ‘soft’ outcomes of adult learning

Concepts of learner growth and development

Metrics and adult educational policy

Performance objectives and learner success

The wider (societal) benefits of adult learning (e.g. promoting climate consciousness,building social cohesion, increasing democratic consciousness, etc.)

Journal submissions can take two forms. All abstracts must identify the type of submission being made and clearly link the submission to the Journal’s theme, and/or one or more of the topics listed above.

Abstracts proposing the following types of submissions are welcome:

Type 1: Papers which engage in critical debate and analysis of concepts, policies and theories and/or practices in the field. They may include findings from recent research and where this is so, should include a brief outline of any research methodologies used. Papers which initiate dialogue between individuals, groups or sectors in the field of lifelong learning are also welcome. (Maximum word count 8,000).

Type 2: Practice-based papers or other contributions including case studies which exchange ideas about what works in various programmes and contexts, which are innovative, and which share examples of good practice. These papers engage in analysis of practical aspects. (Maximum word count 3,000).

How to Submit an Abstract?

Abstracts should include the proposed title of your paper, identify the type of submission you are proposing (from the two types outlined above), provide a short introductory overview of the paper, outline the methodology that will be used (where appropriate),and describe how it responds to the theme of the Journal.

Abstracts should be 400-500-words. You should also include a short bio in addition to your abstract (no more than 200 words).

Please send your abstract and bio to by 25 June 2021.

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