Building the digital economy, one step at a time

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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It may seem unlikely, but Ireland is slowly making good on its ambitions to become a world leader in the provision of digital skills.

The Dublin-based Digital Marketing Institute recently announced that it had signed a 1.6 million euro contract with the London School of Marketing to bring some of its programmes to three of the top universities and colleges in the UK. Considering the fact that the London School of Marketing is one of the world’s largest providers of marketing courses, the partnership is an extraordinary coup for the Irish company, which has also penned deals in Malaysia, India and Singapore.

The news of the Institute’s new deal comes shortly after the company picked up a Trailblazer Award at this year’s Digital Media Awards.

Such successes are not just to be commended, they also prove that there is enough talent and forward thinking in Ireland’s digital realm to turn the heads of overseas educators, who then look to it for guidance. Having such a valuable resource on our own doorstep seems a commodity worthy of at least investigation, if not investment.

The ambition of the Digital Marketing Institute seems lofty – to help develop a fluid, highly effective and accessible digital economy. Yet its goals are leavened by a practical, personal approach, as shown by the company’s mantra: ‘Building the digital economy one person at a time’.


Frank Bolger

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