Becoming A Barber

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Have you ever thought about becoming a barber? Reckon you’d be a whizz with the scissors? That you would rock snipping locks? Be the king of the fringe? Are you ready to be the Master of structure, balance and precision. If so read on as we take a look at some of the reasons why many people love Becoming A Barber.

Becoming A Barber


As a barber you are central to a community and people will treat you as a vital member of their community. They want to feel comfortable in your company and the conversation can sometimes be just as important as the cutting. You’ll be creating an atmosphere in which customers feel relaxed and at ease and for many of them it’s an important time away from their responsibilities in work / with their family, etc and is a time they get to relax in the company of someone they feel comfortable with. 

Customer Loyalty

People are hugely loyal to their barber. You do a good job and you won’t be losing that customer. Some may come for trim every couple of weeks; others monthly; you may even have that guy who gets his hair cut twice  a year – but whoever they are, once you do a good job, you’ve a customer for life.

In Demand

Death, taxes and haircuts – there are certain things you just can’t avoid. There will always be hair needing to be cut and beards needing to be trimmed. No recession is going to put a good barber out of business. Look around you – hair everywhere. And it’s constantly growing. Someone needs to cut it – maybe that’s you!

Your Own Boss

Some barbers may work for others, but many will eventually work for themselves. You can open your own shop. Or work for clients in their home. You are your own boss and you can pick and choose your hours. There are many different options and pathways for barbers to take once you are established. And it’s easy to set up your own business and be your own boss – and there’s always a lot to be said for that! 

Learn New Skills

Barbering brings it with the need to learn some real skills and mastering of techniques – at the very start you’re goimng to be learning things such as

  • Shampooing hair
  • Traditional haircutting techniques
  • Using scissors and thinning scissors
  • Using the razor (clippers) / attachments (blades)
  • Blending in
  • Texturising
  • Scissors over comb technique
  • Natural hairline finishing
  • Shaving 

Plus you will always be learning and getting better as you progressm mastering more and more complex skills. You may be cutting hair but there’s also a lot of room for growth – bad pun intended.

Lend Me Your Ear

People love a good natter when they are getting their hair cut. Whether it’s simply because they trust a person who is rummaging through their hair and let their guard down – but whatever the reason, being a barber means being a master of conversation. Knowing when to listen and when to speak are vital components in a barber’s armoury – master these and you’re halfway home as a friend for life.

Look Good. Feel Good

And let’s not forget the most important thing – a good barber makes someone look good, making someone feel good and improving their life. A good haircut boosts confidence and changes attitudes. You have made a difference to someone’s life – made them feel better about themselves. What’s better than that?

Thinking about learning to be a barber?  Check out our list of courses here and start your journey into creating style.

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