Atlas Language School: the world’s not on your shoulders, it’s at your fingertips

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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As most polyglots out there will agree, learning to speak a second language is like discovering a key that unlocks a whole new understanding of other cultures. Not only will it enrich your appreciation of a place, it will also bring you closer to its people, as well as open up exciting new opportunities for travel, recreation and career development.

There’s just one thing: the inconvenience of actually having to learn the language. Verbs, tenses, intonations, sentence structures – it all gets a bit too complicated and difficult to be fun doesn’t it

Well no, not really; at least not if the lessons are delivered in the right way.

Atlas Language School in Dublin offers part-time and evening classes for students of all levels in Spanish, German, French and Portuguese (Brazil). Its language teachers are highly qualified native speakers with extensive and varied experience of teaching environments in Ireland and around the world.

That all sounds great, but in what ways do Atlas courses differ from those of another language school According to the guys there, it is in their commitment to engagement through communication.

Teachers take an informal, creative, energetic approach to classes, thereby giving students the freedom to communicate meaningfully in another language, build competence and confidence, and preparing them for common real-life situations. The school is also eager to create a sense of community among its language students and often arranges trips or parties to facilitate informal exchanges. Learning is not always restricted to the classroom.

For those interested, the next term of language courses at Atlas will commence on Wednesday, April 2. These will run for a 10-week period with weekly lessons of 2 hours each Wednesday from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.


Frank Bolger

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