A Stitch in Time: Save Money and Get Creative with Sewing Courses

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Here at Nightcourses.com, we got to speak with entrepeneur and sewing expert Louise Caulfield. Louise wasn’t always teaching sewing courses at Pobalscoil Neasáin or creating textile masterpieces. After completing her degree in computer science and software engineering, she actually worked in Dell Computers giving technical support for over five years. Once she started her family, she also started her own business Kitchen Stitchin’. They specialise in making Memory Bears, communion aprons, personalised wedding ring cushions, home furnishings and Christmas decorative table wear.

How did you first start sewing?

I learned to sew as a young girl. My mother always had a sewing machine in the house and my grandmother was a gifted seamstress in her day, as were at least five generations of her family before her. So I suppose you can say it’s in the blood.

It really is a multifaceted art form. What’s your favourite thing to make?

I actually really enjoy every area of sewing. Hand sewing or embroidery are very relaxing and therapeutic. Machine sewing is rewarding as it challenges the brain to think about what you are doing and you can usually see your creations coming to life in a short space of time.

What advice would you give someone who’s a complete novice?

Give it a go, you have nothing to lose. Start off with hand sewing a small project and build up your experience from there. Maybe if you can, borrow a machine from someone and have a trial run.

In your experience, what’s the most challenging thing about sewing, at home, or in a professional realm?

The most challenging thing is sometimes making the time required to get from start to finish on a project. This is why I love the sewing classes, even if a student is experienced in the basics, the time set aside to attend the class allows them to create in a friendly and supportive atmosphere and not be distracted by household duties etc.

How has the industry changed in the past few years?

The industry is evolving all the time but I think that more people are becoming interested in making their own designs and being able to say with pride ‘I made that’, when complimented on an outfit. Some people still wish to learn the basics so they can make repairs to clothes etc.

If someone wanted to take this up as a profession, what areas could they work in?

There are loads of areas from creative art, to doing minor repairs in their own community.

What is the one piece of your work that you’re most proud of?

I make memory bears from people’s own clothes. Some are to remember a child’s first outfit or are made from baby clothes they wore regularly. Some are to remember a loved one who has passed away and their family would like a keepsake that is special to them. This is a really rewarding part of what I do as I can see on the faces of my customers or in their online feedback how much these bears really mean to them.

What skills/talents make someone a good sewer?

Practice and willingness are all that is needed. Good planning skills, as well as strong fine motor skills, also help but these will all improve with practice.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am inspired by the example set by my grandmother but I also have found recently that there is so much support and encouragement from online communities such as Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube to name a few. There is no shortage of ideas out there or people willing to share how they achieved certain looks.

What, do you think, are the top benefits of taking sewing courses?

Being able to sew saves you a fortune on alterations and repairs, as well as home decorations and furnishings. It is a very relaxing pastime and also very rewarding when you see your creations come to life.

There you have it! If you want to save and be creative, book on to Louise Caulfield’s class now at or check out the other excellent offerings from Pobalscoil Neasáin.


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