3 Tips to Success as a Freelance Journalist

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Have you considered a career as a freelance journalist? Lisa Wright of Kilroy’s College outlines her tips for success in this exciting field.

Take a short training course in freelance journalism

Hundreds of students have taken our Freelance Journalism course since it was launched over twenty years ago.  The whole genre of journalism has changed dramatically in the digital age. Our expert course writers have adapted our Freelance Journalism home study course to meet the needs of the changing face of freelance journalism.

Another good educational resource is the BBC Academy which offers a broad range of online resources that freelance journalists may find useful.

Their range of weekly podcasts are particularly interesting and informative for those who are thinking about a career in television, radio or online.

Join an online community of journalists

This is a good way to exchange tips and ideas with fellow journalists.  There are many options available but we like Journobiz Forums – it is free to join and can be a great source of information.  You can also search on social media and look on Twitter or for a Facebook group.  LinkedIn For Journalists includes advice and information for all journalists, including freelancers.https://www.journobiz.com/forums/index.php

Register with a freelance journalist directory

Online paid directories like Upwork and Journalism.co.uk can also be worth considering.  They will take some of the pain out of connecting with industry professionals and, more importantly, can help you to network with fellow industry professionals and get published.

7 Reasons To Enrol

I recently interviewed a Kilroy’s past Freelance Journalism student Joe Scully. Joe had contacted our Careers team to let them know that he was delighted with his qualification and that he had just got published!

LW: What inspired you to go back to education?

JS: I have always wanted to be a journalist, but for one reason or another, I never got around to doing anything about it.  I never did my Leaving Certificate, so I always felt that I could not get involved in journalism without it.  However once I found out about this course I just decided to go for it.

LW: How did you hear about Kilroy’s College and our personal tutor-supported home study courses?

JS: I heard about Kilroy’s from a friend who had done a course and looked it up on the Internet and found the course that I was interested in – Freelance Journalism.

LW: Did you find it easy to complete the self-paced course within the twelve month time limit?

JS: Yes.  I found it very easy.

LW: Have you ever had any experience of taking any other distance learning course in the past?

JS: No – this was my first experience, but I would recommend the course to anyone thinking of returning to education.

LW: Which topic did you personally find the most challenging, and did you find our course helpful and useful in getting to grips with that topic?

JS: I never really found much of the course all that difficult, the hardest part was getting started I suppose. The course was very useful though in helping me, in several ways.  Mainly it gave me the confidence to believe I could become a journalist and put the tools in place for me to further my career.

LW: Which section of the course did you find the most enjoyable?

JS: I found the assignment on interviewing someone the most enjoyable by far. I would be a shy person by nature but to have the confidence to approach someone has helped me a lot.  Doing research on the person and interviewing them and listening to them speak, was something I really enjoyed.

LW: I know that you have recently had an article published – congratulations!  What are you most looking forward to next in your career as a freelance journalist?

JS: I am looking forward to having many more articles published and to exploring more avenues.  Also continuing to learn as I move forward.  I am also looking forward to meeting new people and hearing their opinions on all kinds of different subjects.  I am most looking forward to doing as much writing as I can.

What to learn more?

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