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Robbie Williams loves them instead. Jimmy Stewart was guided by one in It’s a Wonderful Life. Charlie kept three of them in hot pants and hairspray for the duration of the 70’s. They are angels, and apparently they do a lot more than sit around on clouds and scoff Philadelphia. Learn more about this intriguing area by enrolling in an angel therapy course.

Angel therapy is a new age treatment that holds that communicating with angels leads to all kinds of healing. Angels, who are around us all the time, would love nothing better than to sit down with us for an oul’ chinwag, but first we have to learn how to channel their presence. Once we do, they can
help us deal with grief, move on from people/places/things and answer specific question that we might have for them (who will win the 2. 15 at the Curragh, perhaps ).

Angelic advice can take many forms – automatic writing, telepathic thought projection, signs such as recurring numbers cropping up in your everyday life. However, if you are hoping for the full Touched by an Angel experience, you will be disappointed. It is unlikely that a smug-looking woman with a hokey Irish accent and major backlighting will materialise beside you as you face a moral dilemma. Those immortal words – “I am an angel – sent by God” will not ring around your sitting room.

Despite this, angel followers believe that their lives have been intrinsically improved by the intervention of these celestial beings so if you’re interest is piqued why not take a look at the angel therapy courses on offer on Nightcourses. com.

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