Step Eight…Intelligence

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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Psychologists tell us that there are different kinds of intelligence covering a wide range of activities and experiences. They commonly list seven types.

Verbal Intelligence you like talking and listening to people, you like writing letters, you are good at remembering jokes and stories.

Logical and Mathematical Intelligence you are good at making conclusions, you are good at using numbers and doing calculations, you remember phone numbers.

Musical Intelligence you love music and rhythms, you like listening to music, singing or playing an instrument.

Visual and Spatial Intelligence ideas come to you as pictures, your memories are like pictures or movies, you read maps easily, you remember people s faces.

Kinaesthetic Intelligence you like exercising, you like dancing and handicrafts, you feel emotions in all your body (happiness, sadness, etc. ).

Inter-personal Intelligence you are good at working in a group, you are interested in others.

Intra-personal Intelligence you can work independently, you sometimes
daydream, you are interested in developing yourself, you like to take care of yourself, body and mind.

You probably realise that you use different intelligences every day so it is save to presume that you will use them all in your study and course work. You are probably more intelligent than you ever realised and that should give you confidence to face any learning task.

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