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We call them “man’s best friend”, yet if we knocked out our best mate and took him to get neutered, we could safely assume that the friendship would be over. They are workers, friends, companions and, in some countries, kebabs, roasts and sausages. Since time immemorial, man has lived with dogs. They are our constant, providing us with a perpetual audience. But how do we cope when Tarby starts eating the furniture What happens if Mandy goes mental To avoid distressing situations, we can get our dogs some smarts. A short course in dog training can help you connect with your dog’s inner child. After a few weeks of study, they can usually be persuaded to spit him out. A basic part-time dog-training course should guide you through handling and care, to dealing with specific problems such as incessant barking or inappropriate knowledge of the table leg. The most important command that your dog should know is the Barbara Woodhouse favourite, “Sit!” Dog training requires patience, a collar, a lead, and an understanding of dog behaviour. You should learn to be consistent with your dog – they don’t understand the concept of “sometimes” and “maybe”. Behaviour has to be divided into the black and white areas of “bad” and “good”. If you start your puppy off on the right road, it is a lot more likely that he will grow up to be a obedient, moral, well-respected member of the community. Don’t worry if your dog is a bit dense. When you start early enough, even the most thick-skulled spaniel can be taught the basics. Dog training has undergone a radical shift in recent years, with the traditional theories of dominance going out the window in favour of a more nuanced approach. It s no longer seen as appropriate for the owner to face down the dog, withhold food, insist on going through a door first, or utilise other such aggressive tactics. They can lead to a dog becoming confused or even fearful, which can eventually lead to a biting incident. It is now commonly held that the dominance theory was based on a misconstrued equivalence of the dog-master and wolf pack relationships. This comparison has been proved wrong in a number of ways. First, to compare wolf with dog is not a good idea as the species have been on divergent paths for the past 15,000 years. Second, scientists understanding of wolf packs has advanced greatly in recent years and it turns out the relationships are a lot more complicated, and less based on pure dominance, than was previously thought. And finally, people realised just how silly it was to expect any dog, no matter how scatter brained, to mistake their pudgy and balding owner for an Alpha wolf one of nature s most majestic creatures. Given these huge changes in approach, and how most of us dog owners believed that asserting our dominance was the key to eliminating our pooch s most irritating habits like hiding under the bush at walk time, or masticating important documents, using the services of a dog trainer now seems like a better idea than ever.

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