Is a Digital Marketing Course Worth It?

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By Andrine Mendez

That’s the number one question for anyone who is starting to explore doing a digital marketing course and is bombarded with the options available out there. As a digital marketing professional and as someone who owned a digital agency, let me put this as clear as possible: it’s a start.

Yes, you heard it right. Digital marketing expertise cannot be taught but has to be acquired by practice. As a beginner or professional who’s looking to add digital marketing to their skill set, doing a digital marketing course is a good place for you to begin your professional journey.

If you google ‘digital marketing courses’ for working professionals or digital marketing courses for beginners, you will find a lot of options available – both online and offline.

Some of the main questions people me are: ‘Is Google’s digital marketing course any good?’ and ‘Is the course designed by LinkedIn any use?’ or ‘Is the course by “this institute” worth my while?’ To all those people there is one simple reply: courses are as good as what you take away from them.

A bit lost there? No worries…

What I meant to say is: doing a digital course (any at all, for that matter, click here to find digital marketing courses I run) is a good start. However, the final takeaway depends on if you get to practice or implement what you’ve learned or test your newfound knowledge on a pilot live project. This is very important because for you to really acquire the skillset the insights or results of putting whatever you have learned in the course is the important part.

So how or what to look out for while selecting a digital marketing course?

Look for digital marketing courses that teach practical, real-life skills

Unfortunately, not a lot of certification courses offer any real or live projects other than the certification itself, a piece of paper with no real weight behind it.

Instead, the benefits you should be looking for include practical skills you can use in real life and on the job.

So depending on your domain or career interest, look at the digital skills that are relevant for you and see if the course curriculum covers those topics or is customised to your needs (like the customised digital marketing courses we do and is listed in nightcourses )

So your better option would be to opt for courses run by digital marketing agencies or practitioners who are also doing digital consulting work. These could probably give you some level of access to live projects.

However, if a course gives you the option to work with live projects that get you to practice what you learn, it should be top of your list.

2. Look for courses with sound offline marketing content in the curriculum

Digital marketing is not all about the internet and social media.

It’s essentially a marketing activity and before we go on and dive into online marketing tools or channels, you need to understand about brand marketing or marketing in general.

So it’s important that the course curriculum has such topics covered like brand strategy or storytelling etc. (subject to relevancy to your domain).

3. The success of the course often depends on the quality of the teacher

I think this is an obvious one but an important one too.

This is another huge reason why not every certification course is worth it, and why not every type of certification is respected in the industry.

Just to make this clear again: it’s all about the results you achieve from certification – not the certification itself.

So research the trainers you might be learning from and especially look into the one’s who’s leading the course. You can find details about our courses and trainers here.

Learning from an experienced teacher with success in the trenches of the industry can build or break your marketing career.

So if you follow these 3 steps, I think you will be able to make the right move and find a digital marketing course that will deliver you value.

Let me know if you have any further questions in this regard and I will be happy to help. You can ask any questions you might have via this portal.

Andrine Mendez
About Andrine Mendez

Andrine Mendez (Andy) is the lead trainer at Saltmangotree Digital and comes with extensive experience of more than 10 years as a marketer and entrepreneur. A seasoned trainer and speaker, he’s known for his keynotes in various forums like TEDx, Web Summit, Global  Marketing Summit, etc.

He started his career in sales and quickly made his way into the marketing and advertising industry. He started an award-winning agency which then got acquired by a French group. During his agency stunt, he’s worked with global brands like Liberty insurance, Accor hotels, Logitech, Sightsavers, Perno Ricard, Sab Miller to name a few.

Andy specialises in Integrated marketing efforts and has led workshops/sessions for corporates and educational institutions on topics around marketing, personal branding and entrepreneurship.



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