Course Description

Oil and Watercolour (Monday evening & Wednesday afternoon)

Marino College

Oil and Watercolour Painting Course

TUTOR: Roxanne Fitzmaurice

Learning to paint.

This course introduces the beginner to painting, using two different media – oils and watercolour, highlighting their different characteristics.

The more experienced amateur will acquire more information to advance their skills.

We will explore composition and colour and discuss the range of artists’ materials available to the student, so that materials can be bought without making expensive mistakes.

This course is fundamentally about “getting started” in a relaxed atmosphere, on the road to a rewarding and versatile skill, that once mastered, can be a source of endless pleasure and satisfaction.

Both the beginner and more experienced amateur will acquire sufficient knowledge to make paintings, of which they are proud.

How to deal with composition and layout of work.

Understanding colour – primary, secondary and tertiary. Continuing to paint.

Understanding oil painting Experimenting with oil paint as you create a piece of art.

Continuing to explore oil painting Creating form, space, volume, tone through colour and paint Continuing oil painting, finishing pieces.

Introduction to watercolour. Information given during class. Dealing with various techniques Starting a watercolour painting / experiment. Continuing to explore watercolour or oil painting.

Finishing paintings – small exhibition of students’ work in classroom. Discussing students’ future in painting.

Marino, Dublin, Ireland
Course Code 22 & 47
College Name Marino College
Course Category Arts, Crafts & Hobbies, Watercolour
Course Type Practical
Course Qualification Certificate of Attendance
Course Location Marino, Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 3
Course Start Date 19th September 2022
Course End Date 4th April 2022
Course Fee €125
Course Duration 10 weeks
Course Times Course Code 22 Monday 6.30-9.00 pm 10 weeks Fee €125.00 commencing on Mon 19th September 2022 Course Code 47- Wednesday 1.30-3.30 pm 10 weeks Fee €100 commencing on Wed 21st September 2022
Entry Requirements Beginners: All students should bring along a note book and pen. Further details with regard to materials needed for future classes will be provided on the first day. Improvers: All students should bring along a note book and pen. Students may bring their own materials for any painting they are currently working on or may wish to begin in class.
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Marino College

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Marino College
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