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Next Step in Computers

Pery Square Business College

Next Step in Computers  (After Beginners Course) 

    Who is this course for? 

If you’ve used a computer before but need to know more about the Internet, E-mail, Creating Documents using Word Processing, Filing Systems, Internet Security and Buying-on-Line then this is the course for you.

Get to know about your Computer & Filing Systems:

  • Learn about your Computer e.g. Control Panel, Storage & Speed
  • Filing, Naming & Organisation of Documents
  • What are folders & how do they work?

Microsoft Word:

  • Improve the appearance of words (called text)
  • Learn how to layout letters in Word
  • Bullets, numbering, line spacing, alignment
  • Change margins and orientation
  • Difference between Save and Save as
  • How to copy, move (cut) and paste text


  • Learn how to use the Internet for secure and safe purchasing of goods
  • Source information and find products
  • Learn quick ways to find information on any topic on the internet.
  • Book Airline Tickets, Holidays and complete other online booking forms


  • Compose, reply, forward, print & delete messages
  • Send an e-mail to multiple users
  • How to use CC & BCC
  • Learn how to attach pictures and files such as a C.V. or letter


Limerick, Ireland
College Name Pery Square Business College
Course Category Computers & IT (Information Technology), Computers for Beginners
Course Type Classroom Based
Course Qualification Certificate of Attendance
Course Location Limerick, Ireland
Course Start Date 24th October 2019
Course End Date 24th October 2019
Course Fee €150
Course Duration 1 Day
Course Times 10am to 5pm
Entry Requirements You must have completed the Introduction to Computers Level 1 Course or have basic working Knowledge of the computer, Internet & basic Email skills. You may bring your own Laptop if you prefer.
Career Path Any career where computer skills are required
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Course Provider

Pery Square Business College

4 Pery Square, Limerick City, Limerick, Republic of Ireland