Course Description

Course Title : MSc in Financial Services diploma course

Institute of Banking

Who is this programme for?

The MSc in Financial Services is ideal for financial services professionals who are in leadership positions, or who aspire to leadership roles. It is designed to develop a critical understanding of managerial challenges and opportunities in the globalised financial services industry.
The curriculum develops industry specific knowledge, analytical skills and utilises students’ practical experience to promote peer learning. An important aspect of the programme is the integration of current research and a focus on strategic challenges facing financial institutions to identify opportunities and threats arising in the global marketplace. Students have to critically evaluate the implications of operating in a dynamic business environment and the challenges they face in developing and executing strategies to provide value added products, services and solutions as firms seek to create compelling value propositions to support sustainable competitive advantage.

How you will benefit

This programme will support your personal and professional development by enhancing your knowledge across a broad curriculum while giving you an integrated, critical understanding of financial services.
It will:

  • Broaden your knowledge and understanding of the requirements and responsibilities of financial services firms, their activities and associated risks.
  • Develop your thinking on key challenges by evaluating evidence and ascertaining the implications of financial theory and your own professional experience.
  • Develop your ability to critically analyse contemporary issues in financial services.
  • Enable you to apply theories and frameworks to evaluate options to innovate, adjust and execute strategy.
  • Develop a holistic professional skill set to ensure commercial sustainability and the trust of customers and wider stakeholders along with a framework for life-long learning.
  • Enhance your ability to inform, recommend and report on decisions to key stakeholders.

Professional designation

This programme provides a pathway to the prestigious and internationally recognised Chartered Banker designation.

Chartered Banker is the gold standard for professionals working in the banking sector. It is recognised and supported by major financial services organisations around the world. Chartered Bankers are highly qualified professionals, well equipped for a management career or leadership role in banking.

Students who successfully complete the following three modules:

01 Ethics and Corporate Governance
02 Risk Management in Financial Institutions
03 Contemporary Issues of Financial Services
03 Fostering an Innovative Environment

will satisfy the educational requirement for Chartered Banker.

However, to be eligible for the Chartered Banker designation, these students will also have to satisfy the requirement of a minimum of three years’ experience in banking or financial services.

College Name Institute of Banking
Course Category Banking & Financial Services, Business
Course Type Classroom Based
Course Location Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 1
Course Fee €4,400 for the first academic year (€10,500 in total)
Course Duration Graduate Diploma - 18 months, part-time. MSc - 24 months, part-time.
Awarding Body UCD
Entry Requirements The minimum entry requirements for the programme are: Honours degree (second class honours grade 2 award or higher) in business or a related discipline (e.g.) accounting, finance or economics; or Honours degree (second class honours grade 2 award or higher) in a non-business discipline with three years' relevant work experience; or Those who do not hold a degree, but have exceptional middle or senior management experience, are eligible to apply and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
For information about Institute of Banking, please visit our college page on by clicking here.

Course Provider

Institute of Banking

IFSC, 1 North Wall Quay, Dublin, Ireland

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