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Mos Excel Expert

This course is aimed at Expert-level candidates for Excel who will gain an advanced understanding of the Excel environment and the ability to guide others in the proper use of features in Excel.
Candidates will be able to create, manage and distribute professional spreadsheets for a variety of specialised purposes and situations, and they will learn how to customise their Excel environment to meet needs and enhance productivity.

Excel Expert has 1 Exam to Complete – Includes Book,  Sample Test & Exam & Free Resit

Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Expert

Manage Workbooks

  • Save a workbook as a template
  • Copy macros between workbooks
  • Reference data in another workbook
  • Reference data by using structured references
  • Enable macros in a workbook
  • Display hidden ribbon tabs
Manage Workbook Review

  • Restrict editing
  • Protect a worksheet
  • Configure formula calculation options
  • Protect workbook structure
  • Manage workbook versions
  • Encrypt a workbook with a password

Apply Custom Data Formats & Validation

  • Create custom number formats
  • Populate cells by using advanced Fill Series options
  • Configure data validation

Create & Modify Custom Workbook Elements

  • Create custom color formats
  • Create and modify cell styles
  • Create and modify custom themes
  • Create and modify simple macros
  • Insert and configure form controls

Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting & Filtering

  • Create custom conditional formatting rules
  • Create conditional formatting rules that use formulas
  • Manage conditional formatting rules

Prepare a Workbook for Internationalisation

  • Display data in multiple international formats
  • Apply international currency formats
  • Manage multiple options for +Body and +Heading fonts

Apply Functions in Formulas

  • Perform logical operations by using AND, OR, and NOT functions
  • Perform logical operations by using nested functions
  • Perform statistical operations by using SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, and COUNTIFS functions

Perform Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

  • Reference the date and time by using the NOW and TODAY functions
  • Import, transform, combine, display and connect to data
  • Consolidate data
  • Perform what-if analysis by using Goal Seek and Scenario Manager
  • Use cube functions to get data out of the Excel data model
  • Calculate data by using financial functions

Apply Advanced Date & Time Functions 

  • Reference the date and time by using the NOW and TODAY functions
  • Serialize numbers by using date and time functions

Look up Data by Using Functions

  • Look up data by using the VLOOKUP function
  • Look up data by using the HLOOKUP function
  • Look up data by using the MATCH function
  • Look up data by using the INDEX function

Troubleshoot Formulas

  • Trace precedence and dependence
  • Monitor cells and formulas by using the Watch Window
  • Validate formulas by using error checking rules
  • Evaluate formulas


Define Named Ranges & Objects

  • Name cells
  • Name data ranges
  • Name tables
  • Manage named ranges and objects

Create Advanced Charts 

  • Add trendlines to charts
  • Create dual-axis charts
  • Save a chart as a template

Create & Manage Pivot Charts 

  • Create PivotCharts
  • Manipulate options in existing PivotCharts
  • Apply styles to PivotCharts
  • Drill down into PivotChart details

Create & Manage Pivot Tables

  • Create PivotTables
  • Modify field selections and options
  • Create slicers
  • Group PivotTable data
  • Reference data in a PivotTable by using the GETPIVOTDATA function
  • Add calculated fields
  • Format data
Candidate roles might include accountants, anyone working in the world of finance, data analysts, commercial bankers and others.

Limerick, Ireland
College Name Pery Square Business College
Course Category Computers & IT (Information Technology), Microsoft Excel
Course Type Online Learning
Course Qualification Professional Qualification
Course Location Limerick, Ireland
Course Start Date 13th January 2020
Course End Date 24th April 2020
Course Fee 220.00
Course Duration 6 Months to Complete
Course Times Start Anytime - Study from Home
Awarding Body Microsoft
Title of Awarding MOS Excel Expert
Entry Requirements Basic Microsoft Office I.T. Skills, Internet & Email
Career Path This is a professionally recognised qualification in business and will impress employers on your CV.
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Pery Square Business College

4 Pery Square, Limerick City, Limerick, Republic of Ireland


Pery Square Business College
4 Pery Square, Limerick City, Limerick, Republic of Ireland