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HTML5 Design Technologies

Digital Skills Academy

Taught by an industry expert lecturer, the course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to design, structure and produce HTML5 content. Participants will discover the features and benefits including styling and layout with CSS, creating interactivity with JavaScript, integrating HTML5 video, developing animation with CSS3, designing responsive layouts with Bootstrap and understanding how JQuery can unleash the power of JavaScript. Participants will also gain understanding of how HTML differs from coding languages.

This course is for participants looking to develop their knowledge in HTML5 Design Technologies and cultivate a granular approach to website development. This delivers particular benefits for organisations that are looking to address or expand digital skills amongst the existing talent pool. HTML5 Design Technologies allow for rapid cross-platform development at a substantially lower cost for organisations. Furthermore, upskilling is a vital enabler of recognition and retention for critical staff.

On completion of this course, participants will have covered:

  • Producing clear solutions to design problems in HTML5
  • The translation of static designs into dynamic mark-up
  • The Integration of CSS animation techniques into a web page
  • Preparing and packaging content for mobile delivery
  • Responsive design strategies to solve specific multi-screen and cross-platform design problems
  • Website production using a third-party framework and/or library
  • HTML5 rich media and styling features, HTML5 Form input types, elements and attributes

Dublin City South, Dublin, Ireland
College Name Digital Skills Academy
Course Category Computers & IT (Information Technology), CSS Courses, HTML, Java
Course Type Online Learning
Course Location Dublin City South, Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 8
Course Start Date 9th April 2018
Course End Date 15th June 2018
Course Fee POA
Course Duration 10 weeks plus final assessment
Entry Requirements This course requires that participants have already successfully completed the "Applied Design Technologies Part I" and "Applied Design Technologies Part II" Online Short Courses as a foundation. As part of our application process, participants will take a simple, online suitability assessment for their chosen course. Based on their answers, this will confirm that participants have the skills and experience required for a successful outcome.
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