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Fine Art & Design – Printed Textile Design

National College of Art & Design NCAD

The course is suited to individuals who have completed an introductory textile-printing course with CEAD or a similar third level or further education body.

This module provides students with an understanding of design concepts, printing processes and technical skills. Through project work students undertake visual research, and understand how to translate ideas from drawings, photography and notebooks into designs for textiles. Students will participate in a number of practical exercises and through this establish a personal technical vocabulary in the area of print.

The course provides students with the opportunity to learn skills and develop their knowledge of and interest in textile print. The course will encourage students to build a library of research material that will be the basis of all their design work. This research will be collected over the course with each design brief. Students will be required to keep notebooks of visual research. They will be encouraged to use the college library, draw and use photography to build this research. Once the basic techniques of printing are mastered students will be encouraged to experiment and explore the endless possibilities of combining the various techniques in printed textiles.

Students will become familiar with approaches to printing, experiment with a range of materials used in textile design and develop their understanding of processes involved in printing their individual designs. The course covers traditional and contemporary approaches to design and students will be required to undertake course work outside of class time.

Course Code AC10
College Name National College of Art & Design NCAD
Course Category Arts, Crafts & Hobbies, Calligraphy
Course Location Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 8
Course Fee 475
Entry Requirements Students should complete an introductory course in textile printing prior to entry, have basic drawing skills and know how to use a notebook for research purposes.
Career Path Students who successfully complete a Certificate course with CEAD can apply to the part-time Diploma Course.
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