Course Description

English for International Students Level 2 – Lower Intermediate

Marino College

EFFS Level II (English for International Students) Lower Intermediate

By the end of the ten weeks Level 2 students should have acquired enough English to enable them to handle everyday situations with ease.

This will include:

 Grammar

 Vocabulary

 Language practice

 Group Work

 Reading / Comprehension

 Listening practice

 Pronunciation practice

 Games

 Phrasal verbs

 Idiomatic expressions

 Writing

 Form filling


Marino, Dublin, Ireland
Course Code 56
College Name Marino College
Course Category English as a Foreign Language, Languages
Course Type Classroom Based
Course Qualification Level 1 Certificate
Course Location Marino, Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 3
Course Start Date 21st January 2020
Course End Date 21st April 2020
Course Fee €100
Course Duration 10 weeks.
Course Times Tuesday 7 - 9pm
Entry Requirements The Tutor will conduct class based assessment at the commencement of the course. This is to determine the learners level of English.
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Course Provider

Marino College

01 8332100
14-20 Marino Mart, Fairview, Dublin, Republic of Ireland