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Diploma in Predictive Data Analytics

IBAT College, Dublin

Predictive Data Analytics is widely used in marketing, financial services, retail, travel and many other areas. The field is growing fast, fuelled by availability of new data sets and sources, increases in computing power, and the ongoing, relentless search for competitive advantage.

Predictive Analytics is the practice of extracting information from existing data sets in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. It uses a number of advanced techniques, including data mining and modelling to help decision makers with future forecasts. It aims to predict the probability of the occurrence of future events such as customer churn, loan defaults, and stock market fluctuations.

Predictive Analytics involves everything from sophisticated statistical modelling to relatively simple data mining and is transforming virtually every industry as it provides the ultimate competitive advantage.

This programme will teach you how to identify situations where predictive data analytics can add value by better meeting customer needs, realising smarter allocation of marketing budgets, and improving the financial performance of your company.

You will know when to use the following modelling techniques, and understand their relevant pros and cons:

  • Factor analysis for data reduction
  • Multiple regression for prediction purposes
  • Multiple discriminant analysis for classification
  • Cluster analysis for better segmentation

Each week, class time will be allocated for you to work with RapidMiner, learning how to analyse and interpret a different multivariate statistical technique using a real-world dataset.

On completion of the programme, you will be able to apply learned theory and start building a more data-driven culture within your organisation.

In the end, you will be able to apply all learned theory into practice and start building a more data-driven culture within your organisation.

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Course Code CDIPPDA1P
College Name IBAT College, Dublin
Course Category Business, Data Analytics
Course Type Classroom Based, Online Learning
Course Qualification Diploma
Course Location Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 2
Delivery mode Classroom based
Course Start Date 28th June 2022
Course End Date 6th September 2022
Course Fee 980
Course Duration 11 weeks
Course Times Tuesday Evenings, 6.30pm-9.30pm
Title of Awarding Diploma in Predictive Data Analytics
Entry Requirements This programme is suited for individuals with a variety of different experience levels, and while there is no academic requirement for entry, all applicants should demonstrate an interest in and an aptitude for data analytics. Basic computer literacy is a requirement with a digital literacy certificate or equivalent. If you are eager to learn more about data analytics and predictive modelling, you should consider this programme. Specifically, if you are A business manager, who wants to have a better grasp and understanding of data models and how to build a strategy based on this data A marketing or financial professional, who wishes to improve your analytical skills An individual with a technical background who is interested in marketing or financial data analysis An individual with no technical background and are interested in exploring careers in data analytics. The programme will introduce you to RapidMiner for predictive analytics which radically reduces the time needed to unearth opportunities and risks. If you’ve never used RapidMiner before we will help you to get started. We will show you how to install the software and explain corresponding concepts as we move through the material. However, it should be noted that while this is not a statistics course, all the techniques are based on the theory of statistics and you will need to understand basic business statistical concepts, including: Mean/average Standard deviation Normal distribution
Career Path Data Analysts are in strong demand in industries as diverse as: pharmaceuticals, marketing, finance and insurance, as well as cloud computing.= Prospective employers, therefore, include any company that requires detailed, robust analysis of data sets; some examples include: ICT companies (e.g. Google, eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Paddy Power), The pharmaceutical industry (e.g. Jansen, Merck, GSK), The financial services industry (e.g. Bank of Ireland, AXA, EY, Accenture, Deloitte)
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