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Diploma in Mobile App Development

IBAT College, Dublin

With the global adoption of mobile technologies we are in the middle of a mobile revolution age. Devices are getting more compact, with the latest devices packing high-resolution touch screen displays, powerful-core CPU’ and GPU’s capablility, increased storage space, as well as HD video and photo cameras. Mobile devices have now become mobile work, learning and entertainment centers with hundreds of thousands of apps available to different platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone.This wave of ICT innovation is driving demand for new ICT skills and abilities and the sector needs people who can design, develop and deploy new applications and services for mobile devices.

Businesses and individuals involved in mobile development in the EU alone, earned €17.5bn last year, a figure that could rise to €63bn in just five years, €6bn of last year’s estimated €17.5bn revenue paid to these mobile development businesses and individuals came from app sales, virtual goods and advertising. These figures emerged from research for the EU Commission “Eurapp project”, they highlighted that mobile development is the most “in demand” and growing areas of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) within the EU. The research also identified opportunities and bottlenecks for potential growth, it highlighted the lack of experienced developers in the areas of both mobile and web apps; as a consequence the skills for developing apps which run on mobile devices are becoming extremely sought across all business sectors. Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment said in the report. “You might be surprised how big a role mobile is playing within even the biggest companies whose primary business isn’t actually developing apps, it’s importance is recognised within companies involved in entertainment,financial services, retail, packaged goods, media, and so on.”

This Mobile App Development course has been developed to help you make that step into building commercial Apps a reality. This course will focus on building mobile web apps which will work across multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and others. This course has a technical focus and develops an in-depth expertise of core technical disciplines such as designing, developing and testing software solutions for mobile platforms. After completing this course, you’ll understand what it takes to build professional Apps for mobile devices while gaining experience and knowledge in using platforms and tools such as Objective-C Interface Builder for Apple, Java and Eclipse for Android combined with SDK and 3rd party libraries such as PhoneGap and Jquery Mobile.

The course is delivered by one of Ireland’s leading web and mobile developers, who also runs his own development agency based in Dublin. Learners will be provided with practical and relevant hands-on tutorials combined with modern approaches to building commercial mobile apps, including invaluable insights into the mobile app development industry .Learners will also be given the opportunity to utilise and develop these skills through appropriate practical work and be able to apply these skills and knowledge to their own development projects in the future.

All learners are encouraged to bring their own Mobile App idea with them, which can be developed and deployed over the duration of the course.

Course Code CMAPPDEV1
College Name IBAT College, Dublin
Course Category Computer Applications, Computers & IT (Information Technology)
Course Type Classroom Based
Course Qualification Diploma
Course Location Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 2
Delivery mode Classroom based
Course Start Date 16th September 2019
Course End Date 2nd December 2019
Course Fee €1,195
Course Duration 11 weeks
Course Times Mondays 6.30pm-9.30pm
Entry Requirements If you currently have experience in web design or an equivalent qualification you are eligible for the course. This course is for learners who already have experience of front-end web development and programming, but who'd like to expand their knowledge into the area of Mobile Development.
Career Path The Irish Government reports on employability and skills shortages have all identified the mobile device market as an ever-expanding growth sector and an area that requires highly-skilled, responsive and trans-skilled individuals. The modules for the course were chosen to provide learners with the skills and knowledge to develop Mobile Apps across multiple platforms, thus enhancing their employability. As a result, excellent career opportunities exist for learners with these particular skill sets; roles including but not limited to App Development, App Testing and App Deployment within multiple sectors, such as Finance, Education, Retail and Media. Learners will also have the ability and opportunities to get their own Mobile App idea off the ground and turn it into a commercial venture.
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IBAT College, Dublin

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IBAT College, Dublin
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