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Design – Visual Communications – Type & Image – Introductory & Intermediate

National College of Art & Design NCAD

Visual communications and the creative process
What is graphic design? Typography theory and function
Type, image, visual literacy, organisation and composition
Developing problem solving strategies
Developing an understanding of print materials. An examination of paper and the form, function and tactile nature of printed material

Series of graphic design foundation lectures, with associated practical homework exercises (outcomes critiqued in the following week):

1. What is Graphic Design?
2. Point, Line, Plane
3. Rhythm and Balance
4. Scale and Texture
5. Colour and Tone
6. Visual Hierarchy
7. Typographic Anatomy and Expression
8. Typesetting for Display and Body Copy
9. Macro and Micro Typography
10. Strategies and Techniques for Image-Making
11. Creative Strategies; Visual Rhetoric, Wit, Metaphor, Syntax, Semantics
12. Creative Strategies; Mapping Concepts, Happy Accidents
13. Design in Context; Mapping Concepts, Happy Accidents
14. Production Processes; Reprographics and Print
15. Grids, Templates and Stylesheets

From class 9, an ongoing parallel practical exercise, producing a suite of designed elements, will run up until the final class. Progress and refinement on this exercise will be continually assessed.

Course Code VC507
College Name National College of Art & Design NCAD
Course Category Computers & IT (Information Technology), Graphic Design
Course Location Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 8
Course Fee 430
Course Duration 15 weeks
Course Times Wednesday 18.45 until 21.00.
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