Course Description

Complete Bicycle Maintenance

Limerick College of Further Education

Learn everything you need to know about your bike. No stone left unturned. By the end of the programme you will have learnt all the skills necessary to be a competent mechanic. No experience is needed to take one of these programmes, we take you right back to basics and build your skills quickly and rapidly.

Programme Description

The programme is a beginners/intermediate programme aimed at those who wish to have knowledge for their own use or join the cycle industry, either as a mechanic or starting their own business or individuals who want to learn more about the art of cycle maintenance.

Items Covered:

  • Overview of tools
  • What types of tools are required within a cycle workshop
  • Lubrication and cleaners
  • Diagnosing problems with a bike
  • Puncture repairs, replacing tubes
  • Tyres and inner tubes, description of sizes, installation and removal and repairing
  • Pedals, installing, removing and rethreading
  • Crank arm, installing and removing, square type, splined and cottered
  • Chain rings removal
  • Chains, the types of chain available, fitting, removing and getting the correct length
  • Chain alignment
  • Rear sprocket removal and fitting
  • Bottom bracket removal and fitting, cartridge type
  • Bottom bracket removal and fitting, adjustable type
  • Bottom bracket re-threading and facing
  • Hub servicing and adjustments
  • Headset servicing
  • Headset replacement
  • Replacing spokes
  • Wheel truing
  • Brake systems, caliper, linear, side pull, dual pivot
  • Brake cables and housing
  • Gear systems, STI levers, twist grips, down tube, thumb levers
  • Gear cables and housing
  • Front derailleur fitting and indexing/ adjustment
  • Rear derailleur fitting and indexing/ adjustment
  • Stems, handlebars and seat posts, types, fitting measuring and adjusting
  • Fitting accessories


This programme will be delivered by Goeco Specialist Bikes Ltd. popular in Ireland. These are all specific areas that Goeco have developed a reputation at being market leaders, they run the Irish electric bike association & are actively involved with government level projects & have featured on many occasions across the Irish media including RTÉ & TV3.

Limerick, Ireland
Course Code HL015
College Name Limerick College of Further Education
Course Category Bicycle Repair, Home & Garden
Course Type Practical
Course Qualification Certificate of Attendance
Course Location Limerick, Ireland
Course Fee Tuition Fee €100 | Materials Fee €50
Course Duration 8 weeks
Course Times WED 19.00 - 21.30
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Course Provider

Limerick College of Further Education

(061) 414186
Limerick College of Further Education, Limerick, Limerick, Republic of Ireland

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Limerick College of Further Education
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